Pragati Vol 1


UofSA Quarterly News Letter- PRAGATI

 Vol 1 (July-September) 2021.

Editor: SatyaPriya Tanugula, Development Officer, UofSA


 The University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit institution located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Bay Area, California.

The UofSA mission is to provide a comprehensive learning environment that prepares students to drive for the success in their respective fields. UofSA is an inclusive and Diverse learning community of students and educators dedicated to providing students to actualize their potential as Scholar-practitioners and to contribute to their local and global community with excellence, professionalism and integrity.

The Team at UofSA

Our people are the true strength of UofSA. The leadership, faculty and staff are committed to high quality learning and to providing the environment necessary for students to flourish. Together we work continually to improve educational experiences for our students.

WSCUC Accredited !!

UofSA received WSCUC accreditation for 6 Years. On behalf of UofSA Board, Faculty, Staff and Executive team, we thank each one of you wholeheartedly for your tremendous support.

Bhumi Puja Event – August 14 2021



University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA) Bhumi Puja on Saturday, August 14, 2021 in 32625 S Chrisman Rd, Tracy, CA 95304. The Sumuhurtham was at 11 AM PST.

The fundraising campaign for the University of Silicon Andhra is the most ambitious campaign ever undertaken by a University that is this young.

UofSA sets a goal of raising $30 million by end of 2022 in order to build a world class campus, support students, faculty and local community at large. The groundbreaking ceremony for this mega project is planned for February 2022.


UofSA is on News: Media Coverage*

“UNIVERSITY OF SILICON ANDHRA ANNOUNCES PLANS TO BUILD WORLD CLASS CAMPUS IN SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY. UofSA to Be Key Element of the Sandhu Family’s Proposed Golden State Logistics Hub project.”


CBS: TRACY (CBS13) — “The future of retail could get a big boost from a proposed new university in San Joaquin County.

The proposed University of Silicon Andhra campus would be built right at the center of a major transportation hub near Tracy. The University of Silicon Andhra campus would be built on a 1,500-acre development and serve 5,000 students. The plan is now in the San Joaquin County Approval process.

Milpitas, Calif. – “The University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA) is excited to announce its plans to build a world class campus in San Joaquin County and its inclusion in the proposed Golden State Logistics Hub. Dhan Sukh, LLC has submitted a preliminary application to San Joaquin County to begin development of The Golden State Logistics Hub – a proposed 1,500-acre development with a university, logistics hub, and VFW Post.

The project includes 67-acres of land for the private, nonprofit, four-year and graduate university to expand its degree offerings and its reach within the community. Mike Sandhu, the project’s proponent, was instrumental in working with community leaders and UofSA to recruit the accredited bay area university to San Joaquin County. The Sandhu family generously agreed to gift the 67 acres to the UofSA.

“The University of Silicon Andhra will bring new energy and educational innovation to the region,” exclaimed Mani Sandhu, a mechanical engineer speaking on behalf of the Sandhu family. “We see this project creating tangible opportunities for locals to study, learn and earn for their families.”

UofSA President, Anand Kuchibhotla expressed his enthusiasm for the new project and all the support it has garnered in the community. “UofSA is an inclusive and diverse learning community that provides an opportunity to the students to actualize their potential as scholar-practitioners and to contribute to their local and global community with excellence, professionalism, and integrity,” Kuchibhotla explained. “Being able to expand our high-quality academic and research programs on the 67-acre site will allow us to uplift underrepresented students and the community.”


A private nonprofit, WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) accredited University serving as the only university in the Nation that is primarily serving Indian-Americans, the University of Silicon Andhra will now have the ability to expand to 5,000 students and 300 faculty and staff, provide Vocational Training, as well as Language Arts, Engineering, Business, Pharmacy, Medical and other degrees.

UofSA Provost, Raju Chamarthi is excited about the societal, academic, and economic opportunities this new partnership will provide. He noted, “We plan to bring an expanded educational experience that is both rigorous and relevant to the people of this community.”

Community and elected leaders are excited about the proposed project. In support of the project, Asm. Carlos Villapudua said, “Having the University of Silicon Andhra make its permanent home here in San Joaquin County is a major win for everyone. It will provide a high-quality education to a broad base of students from underrepresented populations.”

San Joaquin County Supervisor Robert Rickman declared his excitement about the potential new University saying, “We live in a country where everyone should have an opportunity to receive a great education. Higher education and vocational training are a necessity to prepare our children for the future. Education, training, and investing in our future workforce will attract heads of households and long-term sustainable jobs to San Joaquin County,”

Chairman of the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, Tom Patti was optimistic about the potential University campus saying, “We are passionate about providing multiple pathways to success in San Joaquin County. Whether that be via a University-degree program or trade school, we want to see local residents equipped to provide for their families and compete in the 21st century.”



Spring 2021: 20 students successfully completed their programs and graduated from UofSA.

Fall 2021 Commencement Updates: 155 students enrolled for the fall semester.

Spring 2022 Admissions:

 UofSA received approval to offer MA in Telugu and Bharatanatyam. classes will be offered starting in Spring 2022.

 Congratulations to UofSA family for adding two more feathers in our cap!


 Hindustani Music UofSA:
Department of Hindustani Music at UofSA is planning to offer 3 programs: Graduate, Diploma and Certificate, starting Spring 2022 (pending WSCUC approval).

Dept of Sanskrit UofSA : Plans to offer MA in Sanskrit program from Spring 2022 (Subject to WSCUC Approval).


All programs offered at UofSA are ONLINE.



For more info visit Admissions page.

SASTRA- UofSA Journal

 Sastra – UofSA launched by Shri TS Tirumurti, Indian Ambassador to United Nations

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Donate: Contributing to UofSA is a great opportunity. Every gift made towards UofSA allows donors to take advantage of tax benefits.

University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA set a goal of raising $300 million in the next FIVE years to build a world-class campus, support students and faculty.


Student Scholarships
We want to invest in our students by creating scholarships and fellowships that reward academic accomplishment and encourage diversity

Faculty Support
We want to invest in our faculty by establishing endowments that attract world-class scholars who excel in their teaching and research

University Campus
We want to invest in building world-class campus where our students and faculty can learn, discover and compete.

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