Grievance Process for Academic Matters
Prior to submitting a formal grievance, the student shall:

  1. Consult the instructor whose action is being appealed. This consultation generally must take place within 14 calendar days of the start of classes after the grading period in question. The instructor is expected to meet in person or online with the student and respond to his/her grievance in writing within 10 calendar days.
  2. If the student and the instructor are unable to reach agreement, or if the instructor is unwilling or unable to meet with the student, the student shall meet with the chair of the instructor’s department. If the instructor involved is the Department Chair or if there is no Department Chair, the student shall meet with the Chief Academic Officer involved. The Chief Academic Officer will meet with the student and with the instructor and recommend a solution to both the instructor and the student in writing within 10 calendar days.

All timelines for this process are suggested and may be extended for just cause.

A student seeking clarification or guidance regarding filing an academic grievance should contact the Student Services for assistance 1-‭(844) 872-8680 or info@universityofsiliconandhra.org.