Admission Process


Before You Apply

  1. Read and choose a program you would like to apply to. Refer to the academic catalog

  2. Obtain a copy of your official transcripts from your high school and higher education institutions

  3. Request a professional recommendation from your teacher or Guru who can attest to your work in the program (Kuchipudi Dance or Carnatic Music)


How to Apply

Be aware of dates and deadlines prior to submitting your application for Spring 2017 (January) Semester

  • Open registration: Dec 15, 2016
  • Close registration: Feb 3, 2017
  1. Go to “Apply Now” at
  2. Submit your University of Silicon Andhra Admission Application
  3. Pay your Application Fees
  4. Gather and mail all official transcripts and recommendation documents to the University office address
  5. Expect an email and a call from a student advisor about your next steps

(For Master of Arts Students only)

  1. Prepare for 30 minute video call with our faculty to discuss your prior practical experience in the field of Kuchipudi Dance or Carnatic Music

After You Apply

  1. Review the email you will receive from the University admissions office. Review and sign all documents that are attached in the email including Enrollment Agreement and School Performance Fact Sheet (SPFS) and email them back to the University

  2. Pay Semester Tuition fees and Registration fees

  3. You will receive an Acceptance and Welcome email