Excellence in Indian Fine Arts, Languages and Culture

University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA) is offering Master of Arts, Diploma and Certificate programs in Indian fine arts, language and literature. UofSA is incorporated in the State of California as a non-profit Organization (501(c)(3)).

UofSA offers online courses through industry leading learning management system where students will follow a weekly lesson plan and meet the faculty through our “Virtual Classroom”.


School of Dance

INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCES : Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi Dances are offered in Uof SA

School of Music

CARNATIC MUSIC: Carnatic Music is an Indian classical music that is practiced around the world. 


Students who wish to further pursue their interests in Indian Fine Arts.

Experienced artists looking to start teaching classes in dance or music.

Students who have experience in Carnatic music, Kuchipudi dance, or other Indian art forms.

Teachers who want to add value to their practical experience and help their students.


Thousands of youngsters and adults learning Indian Classical Music and Dance in United States and globally, are looking for structured academic programs to recognize and reward them with academic credentials.

Many teachers of fine arts globally, want to enhance their knowledge on theoretical and practical application of Indian classical dance and music.

Most students who head to college after Rangapravesam/ Arangetram want to be in tune with the fine arts which they learned for many years.